Historical Background of Organization For Intercultural Education

SWAHILI RESOURCE CENTRE (SRC) was the backbone of Organization For Intercultural Education (AFS Kenya / OFIE). SRC was registered in March 2005 with a mission to promote and preserve Swahili culture. The launching of SRC in July 2005 was inauguration of an exhibit, at Fort Jesus Museum, featuring works by the late Sheikh Alamin Bin Ali Mazrui, the first Chief Kadhi of Kenya, author and translator. The guest of honor at this event was Professor Ali Mazrui of SUNY Binghamton and Chancellor of Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology.

Swahili Resource Centre has since provided a center for the community, as well as international scholars, to find Swahili resources and present an innovative approach to addressing a specific need in the area of Swahili studies. The center provides a local opportunity for the collection of Swahili-generated knowledge that can be used locally and by international visitors. SRC also provides the opportunity for collaboration among US institutions of higher education showcasing their knowledge and scholarship.

SRC became the main host of AFS exchange programs when the program was introduced in Kenya in 2008 and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with AFS International to participate in the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study program.

Organization for Intercultural Education (OFIE) was officially registered in May 2008 and it was not until April 2011 when the organization was able to detach itself from SRC and move to a newly established office along Makadara Road in Mombasa Kenya.