Capacity: 16 students (Minimum 8)
Age group: 14-18
Target Group: HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS who would like to be fluent in spoken English.
Arrival date: July 1, 2011. Departure date: 17 August,
Location: OFIE-Mombasa

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This program is designed to take seven weeks to provide opportunity for the student-PARTICIPANTS to engage themselves in spoken English with students, teachers and adult citizen of Kenya.
This program will cater for students who are aged 14-18 years, who have learned basics- English classes in their home schools. Where Kiswahili is the national language, English is an official language in Kenya and medium of instruction in schools. It is taught right from nursery schools, primary schools, in colleges and university.


Students will be placed in local home-stay where the families speak English. This will be 90 contact hours of Intensive English language classes. 
The classes will be followed by field based assignments, such as shopping, helping in the old age homes where English is the spoken language, interviewing people on their everyday life.
Students will have an opportunity to experience a rural life, stay in a work camp and participate in self-help project, such as tree planting, water project etc. 

At the end of the program students will be asked to write a six-eight page paper in English on the experience in Kenya and undertake an ACTFL

There will also be excursions trips on weekends, visiting Museums, Archaeological sites and monuments. With additional cost we can arrange one night two days Safari and Marine National Park students will be briefed on the Wildlife Management and Conservation

How to apply

Consult your national AFS organization (go to to find the website). If they do not already participate in the Cultural English Language Program, inform the office of the program or contact AFS Kenya.