Global Link in Kenya

AFS Kenya, OFIE, held a training workshop from August 6 to 8 2015, at the Lotus Hotel Mombasa. The workshop was training on the online information database, Global Link, built by AFS International to facilitate procedural operations of the organization on an online server. The site is a platform that makes accessible participant applications, host family applications, program references as well as volunteer and alumni records. It allows YES to consider online applications. All these operations are in a trail to ease the processes carried out for student exchange. Basically, all information pertaining programs hosted by AFS are a click away!

The database was implemented in 2006 and by 2010 it was accessible to staff and volunteers of almost all AFS partners in the world. In Kenya, the technology was introduced in 2011 where office staffs as well as two alumni, were trained to operate its functions.

The training was facilitated by Alexis Aggarwal, the Program Manager of AFS-USA. The members that received the training included alumni and volunteers from Mt. Kenya, Narok, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu Lamu as well as Malindi. The need to augment the technological skills in the AFS community in Kenya is as a result of increased growth of the organization. The country now boasts 10 AFS chapters and are looking forward to expand as they increase is popularity. The training has enabled Global Link to be launched in four chapters as a pilot project in the next academic year, before it is fully taken up by all 10 chapters.