Volunteering in AFS

As an AFS volunteer you become part of a worldwide network of volunteers, families and young people who believe in the power of the AFS intercultural exchange experiences to change the world. 
As an AFS volunteer you "think globally and act locally" and help others learn more about the world in a very real and personal way, as you use and sharpen your skills and learn new ones as well. Not to mention - you will have fun with other volunteers and the young students you help send and host. 

Who can be a volunteer?

You do not have to be an alumnus of AFS, have any specific skills or be of a certain age to become a volunteer. All you need is the will to help fulfil the mission of AFS, contribute in your local chapter and expect no other reward than the great experiences this will lead to.
A volunteer can not expect to make any money, but will not be making a loss either, as all expenses related to volunteer work will be reimbursed by the organization.

What will you get out being a volunteer?

  • An exciting and instructive hobby
  • Close contact with an intercultural environment and the possibility to meet people from other cultures
  • New friends from Kenya and other countries around the world
  • Experience in organizing and leadership
  • A good element of your personal CV
  • The possibility to attend courses and seminars which will further your competencies and broaden your horizon

What can you do as a volunteer?

  • Participate in sending activities (orientations, interviews, preparation of participants...)
  • Participate in hosting activities (be a counselor, host family, orientations, interviews, activities with the host students...)
  • Help the organization expand and develop through PR activities
  • Be responsible for budgets and coordinate orientations
  • Attend seminars helping you in your role as volunteer
  • ...