The YES program also provides a forum for the YES students to become active volunteers and participates fully in community development through the alumni network. The students, once integrated back to the society become a member of the local alumni network and participate in community projects. The alumni also benefit from regular training, locally and abroad, to be provided with skills and tools necessary to develop leadership skills and effectively train other alumni upon returning home

The Kenya Association of AFS & YES Alumni (KAAYA) was  formed to unite all the Kenyan Alumni with a goal to change the community. The objectives of the association is to :

1) To uphold the mandate of giving back to the community by promoting the culture of education and peace through community service and volunteerism.
2) To help realize the Sustainable Development Goals in line with the UN millennial vision.
3) To promote the concept of Intercultural learning in our communities.




Fatma Khalfan is a law student. She participated in the YES Program the year 2017, hosted in Oregon Ohio . She has been involved in community service since the year 2018 and managed to start her own project to empower youths in Malindi, Kilifi County Kenya. Fatma is currently the President of KAAYA elected in the year 2022.

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Hassan Abdulkadir was hosted in Defiance OH the year 2017 and is currently pursuing Computer Science. He has been involved in a number of engagements with the youth to inspire and empower them. Find more information  about him on Instagram and Facebook



Joyner Irine participated in the YES Program the year 2016, hosted in New Haven, Indiana. She is pursuing Applied Bioengineering and has been actively participating in empowerment programs in Malindi. Joyner was sworn in as the KAAYA Treasurer the year 2023.

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Ebinino Roniex is a global citizen practicing GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist. Participated in the YES program the year 2013, hosted in Chickamauga, GA. Ebinino has done a number of projects such as Kariobangi Cleanup – 2016, Global Youth Service Day at Kisumu Remand Home, Tree planting and mentorship Our lady of Peace Muhoroni and Golf course Childrens home – 2021,2022. He was nominated to be the chairman of the Electoral body of KAAYA in the year 2021.

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one love 5 – DENIS KATANA

Dennis Katana, YES '20 Nebraska

Denis Katana is pursuing cybersecurity at the United States International University-Africa (USIU). His journey is built on a foundation of giving back, a value he championed through founding the ‘One Love Project Kenya.’ Over the past three years, He has been privileged to lead and participate in numerous community empowerment projects. The one that stands out the most was the food drive and drought awareness in Ganze, Kilifi County.


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DSC_0065 – Mohamed Amin

Mohammed Amin, YES '15, California

Mohammed is very passionate in creating a positive change in his community. In 2017 he engaged with his beneficiaries on how to use social media for social change, an initiative of Global New Media Lab and the U.S department of state. In Mid August 2023, he was funded by the American Council for a YES Alumni project on career fair for 50 high school students, ” Lamu High Schools career fair”.



IMG-20230718-WA0038 – Lydia Odhiambo


Lydia is a student at Chuka University pursuing a Degree in Biomedical science and technology. Among her successes is the completion of 100 hours of volunteering in her host state Iowa. Ever since her return home, she has been leading projects to inspire youths in giving back to the community.

Alumni Stories

YES_20th Anniversary_COLOR (1)
Ikhwan Omar


  1. one love 4 – DENIS KATANA

    Ikhwan's project

    My name is Ikhwan Omar. KL-Yes Alumni year 2013-2014 from Kenya. I was hosted in the state of Colorado. Living away from my country was an interesting and unforgettable experience which has had many impacts in my life. Living in a country like America where freedom and equality are practiced is not only my dream coming true but millions of people's dreams coming true. When arriving in America on the first day, not only did I have mistaken thoughts, but I also didn't know how life would be without freedom. My experience with freedom in America has allowed me to accomplish many goals, including organizing my life. Four goals I achieved were learning cycling, swimming, skiing, and being selected for the boys’ soccer team. Exchange year made me WHOLE! This is where I found Me, I unlocked so much potential from talent to skills such as leadership, communication and so much more. The experience I received was tremendous and it’s what made me be the man I am today. Lamu, a picturesque island nestled along the coast of Kenya, has long been celebrated for its pristine beaches, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant marine ecosystems. However, beneath this idyllic facade lies a pressing issue that threatens not only the island’s natural beauty but also its contribution to global environmental well-being. The mismanagement of waste in Lamu has given rise to a range of environmental problems, with severe consequences for the local community, marine life, and the broader climate. Lamu, like many coastal regions, grapples with the challenges of waste management. The island’s natural beauty attracts both tourists and settlers, leading to a surge in population and, subsequently, increased waste generation. Historically, waste disposal practices on the island have been inadequate, with much of the trash ending up in open dumps or finding its way into the surrounding waters. This unregulated disposal of waste not only pollutes the island but also poses a significant threat to the marine ecosystem. The grant project was a project that was mainly aimed at finding constructive solutions to this never-ending menace of waste in Lamu. Different goal-oriented minds have been in the front row to uphold waste management in Lamu but there has been no clear success. This project focused on 3 main areas of Mkomani ward in Lamu: Kipungani, Matondoni and Amu area. These areas were chosen due to their state and need for advancement. Different strategies were formulated where members of the community would participate in a voluntary clean up activity where they would ensure the whole area is clean and later on engage them in a workshop where they will share ideas on how to better their conditions in matters of waste management. The workshops were quite educational as members gained a lot of knowledge on waste management that would really impact on their lives to be in a better environment. The target population for this project was 150 members of the community. Such members were chosen in a systematic format where everyone was considered including PWDs, so that the necessary knowledge could reach a wider audience. 50 members were selected from each of the 3 locations, and they were to act as ambassadors to those who wouldn’t be lucky to get selected. The target population also considered the roles of different community members who have been standing up for waste management practices in their life hence needed to get the recognition required. The project was a fundamental course of action as the members of the community really looked forward to it and how it can change their lives. After completion of the 3 phases of the project, we already started seeing the results as community members started adopting the different techniques, we advised them on. The education gained on waste management was something most members were not aware of. They just knew waste is harmful but had no idea how, why, and what the solutions to that are. Feedback from the community was positive as they want to show that they have learnt and are ready to take the next steps to improve the environment. My long-term hope for this project is that the knowledge passed to the community can really change their lives and start being more impactful in whatever they do. This project was a successful one hence such projects need to be done more and to also reach other areas of Lamu County that have not been reached. This project taught me that teamwork, patience and resilience are part and parcel of success, I want to appreciate my team the YES alumni and volunteers from LOYD for being supportive and making sure that the project was a success. I therefore ask my fellow youths to focus on their community goals and be the change. I want to thank the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, American council, AFS fraternity and LOYD for supporting me in this project.